Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 in numbers

In no particular order:

Babies born: 1

Minutes spent in active labour: 20
Collarbones broken during birth: 1
Competent doctors / midwives encountered: 0

Boob feeds given: 1200+
Kilograms of baby grown: 10.5
Growth charts grown off: 1

Kids sent to first day of kindergarten: 1

Little boys toilet trained: 1
Toilet floors mopped: 597653

Kids still in nappies: 1

Trips to London: 1

Trips to Belgian holiday theme parks: 1

Number of times that dude appears in the background of our photos: Too many

Chickens adopted: 4

Number of which were roosters: 3
Eggs laid by replacement hens: 4

Cushions and pictures sold by Tailorbird: ~ 90

Cushions featured in German magazines: 1 

Cars of ours smashed in to by drunk drivers: 1
Houses of ours smashed in to by drunk drivers: 1

Snowmen built: 1

Kitchens redecorated: 1

Teeth lost: 1

Teeth gained: 6

Haircuts: 1

Swimming lessons attended: 18

Birthday parties attended: 4896

Rainbow layer cakes cooked: 1

New bikes ridden in: 2

Nights of broken sleep: 365 

Tim Tams eaten: 0
Twisties eaten: 0
Cherry Ripes eaten: 0
Meat pies & sauce eaten: 0
Fish and chips at the beach eaten: 0
Swims at the beach swum: 0
Number of days Vegemite is past it's expiration date: 365+
Number of illnesses suffered from eating aforementioned Vegemite: 0

Photos taken where all three kids look respectable: 0 

Ways in which I love them: Eleventymillion trillion and 9. And back.


Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2013. 
Thank you for reading my blog!  


BabyMac said...

Great post! My favourite is the man in the swimmers in the background...eeeew!!! Here's to 2013 being even better! I also need to send you a care package of Australian goodness toot sweet! x

Rinny said...

I'm such a numbers girl, so I just loved jealous of your 20 minute labour. (As someone who has suffered a total of 57 hours of excruciating labour between my lot) When I got to the food eaten bit I thought you were on a health kick and then I realized they are all of the things my family in America suffer withdrawals from. (Or did, before Aussie shops popped up line)

Andrea said...

love it love it love it. Wow, he's a big boy...trouble is only just now cracking the 7kg number (6.999) but then he hasn't made it onto the chart yet. I'm there with you on the sleepless nights too. What a great way to recap the year! :)

Housewife in Heels said...

I think that man has been in the back of some of my family photos :) This post had me smiling and thinking of some of the important numbers for my family in 2012 x

Jane said...

Such a classic post, Rhi. Love it. Bonne annee, mon amie! J x

Jo said...

AW, thanks Rhi, you're all adorable.

Leanne Barnett said...

Fun post, happy new year to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Rhi and fam! Love always, Mel, Matt, Emmie and the preppie (off to buy first school shoes tomorrow!)

Shari said...

Such a lovely blog post - stopping by your blog after seeing it mentioned on Veggie Mama's blog. Shari from

Jade said...

I told you I do the once-a-month runaround, so this is wayyyy out of date, but hello best year-end post of...the year! I loved it! The Speedos guy is foul though. Beautiful photos. My favourite is the haircut. And the not-respectable children. We've all been there.

lelieswereld said...

What a lovely overview of 2012. Your have such a lovely family!